Monday, June 13, 2011

Batman-style photo birthday card

Michael is turning four, and he LOVES BATMAN!  So only a Batman-inspired design would do, complete with the Gotham Times wondering 'Where is BatMichael?'.

We can customize this style card for you, and the age of your child.  We can also create other themed invites, just ask!  Our creations know no bounds. :)

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Africa Adoption Announcement

  For Angela's adoption announcement, I used the flowers on her shirt as inspiration for creating the flowers around her, and the colors come from shades in her shirt.  I knew Angela's adoption announcement should be colorful - it just feels right!

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

older child adoption announcement

What a fun sibling adoption announcement celebrating the arrival of these two sweet boys!  Looks like they have lots of fun in store.  Doesn't the water fight bring back fun memories? :)

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Korea Adoption Announcement for Emerson

Sweet Emerson joins her forever family!  In this adoption announcement, I desaturated the photos a bit for a sweet feeling.  What a precious family!

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