Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring has arrived!

Wow, I never thought I'd see green again. But like magic, on March 22 when I returned from a wedding in Tucson, there was only a smidge of snow left by the mailbox. And here it is almost a month later, and things are catching up to the season. The trees and spring flowers are blooming. I've got my lettuce planted (rocket/arugula -- my favorite!), and am looking forward to preparing the garden for other veggies. I'm hoping I'll have success growing basil this year. Every year I try, and every year I find my thumb is far from green!

I've been busy with my storefront, getting designs done for my local customers, plus my online customers. We've introduced several different products, like making edible photo designs for cakes, and new lines like high quality photo albums! It's fun for me to see the store evolve. I just can't wait until I can improve it. I have big dreams! One day.

Right now I'm working on a photo adoption announcement for a sweet girl adopted from China, a photo birth announcement for twins, plus a bridal shower invitation. It's been bridal shower invitation week --- I guess it is that time of year! It's been fun coming up with fun & unique designs to feature some unique themes (sunflowers & flip-flops for one!).

Right around the corner is summer, which always brings lots of new babies to the world. That means more gorgeous babies to announce! Time to enjoy the sun, and renew myself to make it through the next Iowa winter...