Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Photo Cards - New Designs!

The rest of summer flew by, and here we are getting ready for Christmas. Orders are coming in --- and I've been reminded I am past due for a blog update! Here are some favorite holiday photo card designs --- five of the 35 available for 2009! And of course there is always the custom option if you'd like something created just for you. Holiday cards are available in the flat, 1-sided photo paper option, the flat, 2-sided thicker coverstock option as well as a folded holiday card option.

Check out all your holiday photo card design options for 2009! And the best news? Holiday cards are ON SALE! You'll get 20% off your photo paper orders, and 10% off your coverstock orders! The sale will last through the season, but make sure you order early (you can send photos later if you'd like). This will ensure your place on our proofing schedule. If we need to cut off orders at any time, we will announce this on our site.

We will accept orders through 12/20, but we will suggest at some point that orders are "Happy New Year" cards instead of Christmas cards when it would be impossible for you to mail your cards in time for 12/25 arrival. And we love creating Happy New Year photo cards ---- and because we created our exclusive Chouette designs, we can change the wording and colors to suit a New Year theme. So you can still choose your favorite design!

We look forward to working with you --- whether it's your first time ordering holiday photo cards through us, or your seventh! (In business for seven years, we have seen babies grow up into 2nd graders!) I am so grateful for your business.

Happy Holidays! :)