Friday, May 22, 2009

Birth announcements...oh my!?

I have been remiss posting designs to the blog this year --- buying a new business downtown has driven me to forgetfulness...and I've found myself spending free time getting signage up in the store, learning how to run the printer/processor, developing film, training employees, etc. My to-do list is ridiculously long and I feel like I'm running an uphill marathon! But I won't complain about my list; I am lucky to have work and to have customers.

I've designed lovely (if I do say so myself!) birth announcements & adoption announcements this year, as well as birthday invitations and wedding thank you notecards. I'll get some examples up in the next few weeks.

What's coming up? Hopefully things will settle down into a routine this year. For now, we're busy getting things ready for our trip. We'll leave for France at the end of June. My husband has a grant for summer research travel, so I'll design from Dijon (see my Dijon site at but it is quite outdated at this point!), plus will work on updating my Dijon website! My employees at the store will run PhotoSynthesis (my new storefront)...I have complete confidence in them. Plus they will ship Chouette Design orders for me! It's a little different than the last time I worked from France five years ago....this time my apartment in Dijon has wireless! Last time I was running back and forth between our cottage and the internet cafe. Ah how time heals technology deficiencies! I will still expect hiccups; I haven't lost my *entire* mind. And I thought I'd take this opportunity to check out Skype. I'll check in via webcam with the store once a week for some face-time. Ah, another thing to add to my list: get info on Skype!