Friday, March 20, 2009

photo announcement business expands!

It has been a couple months since we've posted. I mentioned a couple months back about my excuse! To explain a bit further, in late November, I found out the professional photo lab we used to print our photo announcements was going out of business. Since I had been thinking of expanding Chouette Design, and since I loved the downtown location of the lab, my husband and I decided to go for it...and opened up a new business in downtown Ames called PhotoSynthesis. Located at 317 Main Street, PhotoSynthesis is still a professional lab as we now own all the assets of the former business, but it's even better! I have expanded the lab business to include the exclusive photo announcements previously only available on-line through Chouette Design. PhotoSynthesis also offers photo restorations and enhancements, stretched and mounted canvas, passport photos (came in handy for me already!), photo jewelry, & more!

The store at 317 Main houses Chouette Design Group as well as PhotoSynthesis. We've been working hard the last several months getting the store in shape. Hours upon hours of cleaning and painting later...we celebrated our grand opening 3/17. So 317 Main Day shares a day with St. Patrick. Here are a few pictures from the store!

A work in progress to be sure (you can't even begin to believe the condition the second floor is in...!), we will slowly get the store into shape. We'll post photos as we make more progress!