Tuesday, October 30, 2007

photo birth announcement for jax

Welcome Jackson! This Colts family wanted to show some team spirit with their photo birth announcement design.
After enhancing the photos, I made the sibling photo grayscale and pulled out the blue accents. I love the gray and blue together. In creating my design for these images, I added more background to the main image because I loved the texture it provided. It adds a neat visual interest, and mimics the stripes on the shirt in the inset photo as well as the stripes on Jackson's shirt in the main image.
Your custom birth announcement from Chouette Design at http://www.photoinnovation.com/ is created just for you, based on your photograph and details you provide on your order form. It can be anything you'd like! Classic, fun, modern, trendy...
While we could create simple "drop-in" template designs, we prefer creating one-of-a-kind photo announcements for you. And your photos will look like they could have been taken in a studio, even if they weren't!

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