Sunday, September 30, 2007

2007 holiday photo announcements

Holiday announcements, already?! Yes, I can't believe it either. Where does the time go? Including the entire month of September...

I thought it wouldn't be a problem to get one post done a month, and I must say I am cutting it pretty close this month! But I made it, and that's what counts. Right? :)

2007 holiday announcement orders will be accepted through the first week of December; I'm still working on figuring out exact cut-off dates. Check the site for the most recent info. This year I have 25 exclusive template-based designs for you to choose from, plus the custom design option for a small additional fee. This ensures there is something for everyone! And of course I include my enhancement service to ensure your photo looks like it could have been taken in a studio, even it wasn't!
In the holiday announcement example above, the image was contrast and lighting-corrected. Then I made the image grayscale and colored the red areas red. Finally I cropped the image for the best impact, added the details and Viola! A unique, customized, professional looking holiday announcement. I hope to work my photo magic for you too this year!

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