Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sammy's First Birthday Photo Invitation

It's the time for summer birthday parties, and little Sammy, the son of a customer, is turning One. Isn't he adorable? For Sammy, I decided to keep the balloons in color, but make the rest of the image grayscale so the color really popped for a fun look. And we added the smiling photo in a circle to mimic the shape of the balloons --- and to add another view of Sammy! On the back we put another photo of Sammy, in full color this time, and added all the details for the party. Voila, a great first birthday photo invitation. Personalized, completely custom, and something to add to his memory box.

I've been sorting through my own memories lately! Moving inspires me to get to the next level of organization. My goal for this move was to get my memory boxes in order, and to get all my craft supplies in one place.

I have several large plastic containers containing some tangible elements that help describe my life: spelling bee buttons, bridge cards my grandma Faith made, medals, "pop-up" cards I made for my mom when I was 6, my baby book and birth announcement, the "all about me" book I made in kindergarten (I declared I wanted to be a pharmacist. Why? Because it was hard to spell.). So I don't need to tell you why I chose Czechoslovakia for my 6th grade geography report.

I also have craft items scattered here and there. So I spent most of the day Saturday organizing. The craft box was easy: anything crafty was gathered together for storage in one big box --- all the fun stuff to do when nieces and nephews visit. Rolls of paper, paints, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, glitter, plain t-shirts, colored papers, beads, you get the idea. I love this box!

I'm not completely finished with my sorting. I still have the photos --- oh goodness, so many photos! But I am sorting them by category, and can recommend you do this too! It makes life so much easier. So that will keep me busy the next few weekends. Not to mention the painting...getting the framed art up on the walls...planting my herb garden...getting my office more organized...

Better get back to work!

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