Thursday, May 10, 2007

make new friends but keep the old

I'm moving. Moving as in my body will be moving, my belongings will be moving, and, at some point my heart will follow.

There are things to look forward to: being closer to family, fresh produce from local farms, living in a small college town again where "rush hour" doesn't exist, a vibrant downtown with charming shops waiting to be explored...

But there are things to miss. Important things. Like friends. I've made especially wonderful friends in Georgia, and am so thankful for them.

I originally moved down here to Atlanta from northern Illinois to support my husband (then boyfriend) while he worked on his PhD. And I became myself in Georgia, especially after returning from living in France two years. Despite normal stresses and strains (which truthfully I wouldn't give up because they strengthen me), I have never been happier, or more content. I am excited for the future.

I will miss my friends in Georgia. But the truth is, these connections we make, they stay with you forever. And that is why when I go back to France for a visit and I see my friends, or when I meet friends from college for dinner in Illinois, it is like I never left. Like we were never apart. It is so easy, like starting a sentence when you leave, and finishing it when you get back together. And I am happy to know it will be the same with my friends in Georgia.

It's time to experience a new city, and meet new people. And make new connections. And make more photo announcements!