Wednesday, April 18, 2007

photo announcement - we're moving

Realizing I am not posting nearly enough, since I am lucky to get one post a month looking at my post history...I thought I'd start the day posting a few photo announcement designs I've been working on.
This design announces a move to Gijon, Spain. I decided to incorporate a map into the background since I figured the first thought people would have when they received the postcard would be "where is Gijon, Spain?" (Well, that's what I thought...didn't you?!)
I was inspired by a shadow box I created when I was managing an art gallery years ago. Wanting to celebrate the time we spent in Amsterdam during our honeymoon, I decided to design and create a permanent memory of our trip, one we could see every day hanging in our home. I gathered some of our favorite photos from the trip, and mounted them with white mats so each picture looked like a little framed photo. I added spacers of varying heights to give more visual interest and attached them over a map of the city, numbering the photos. Then I placed a matching number on the map, right where we took the corresponding photo. The next time we go back to Amsterdam, we will remember exactly where we visited!
Now we just need to find time to get back...

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