Sunday, February 18, 2007

rubber duckie

You might recognize the duck as a theme on my website. You might wonder why. Ducks in of themselves have nothing to do with me, or the name of my business, Chouette Design Group. I've never had a pet duck, and until a few years ago, I didn't even own a rubber duck! But I've always loved the rubber duck.
So what does chouette mean? "Chouette" (pronounced shoe-ette) is a French word and, in fact, has two meanings. The traditional definition is "owl"; and in today's world, it is also used when something is "cool" or "neat". "C'est chouette!" "It's cool!" I liked the double-meaning of the word. The owl definition pays homage to my favorite French dity, Dijon, where a 15th century owl is carved into the side of Notre Dame in the heart of centre ville. But using an owl in my business name would be too predictible. So I chose something that can represent the spirit of Chouette Design instead - the rubber duck. I mean, who can't smile when they see a rubber duck? Especially one wishing they were outside, playing in the rain.
So the duck keeps busy representing Chouette Design. Colorful, fun. Doesn't take itself too seriously. A classic. I love it!