Thursday, January 18, 2007

happy new year!

December flew by and here it is the middle of January. Happy New Year! Bonne Année! I hope your holidays were fun. I spent mine in San Francisco and in Sonoma County, California. It was a great time, filled with wine and cheese tasting (hi, Doralice!), cute country cottages, meeting new people, driving around the countryside and along the coast, and singing and laughing in Irish piano bars. I'd never been to northern California before --- but will return! I have traveled to LA before --- when I was 17 my dad sent me on a business trip in his place. Yes, I said 17! That is a story in of itself and I will write about that another day!

Everyone we met on our holiday was incredibly nice. And being in this area of the country is the closest I've felt to being in France with the rolling hills covered in grape vines. (If you don't know, I lived in the burgundy region of France (Dijon) for two years while my husband was doing research for his dissertation and simply fell in love with it.) And even in the winter northern California is beautiful --- the rainy season produces lush green grass that just makes you want to roll in it. Or at least have a picnic on it...

I've been back in Atlanta for a couple weeks now, busy again creating proofs for you, doing all the year-end business "stuff", reading all the nice notes you sent after you received your orders. They are so appreciated. You make my day! I look forward to your next order, and to creating your next "knock-your-socks-off" photo announcement!