Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Combine your photos to create perfection!

The holiday season is all wrapped up. Wow, what a season! Thank you to all my repeat and new customers for your orders. Again you exceeded our most imaginative expectations. Every year I learn something new, and every year I get better...to serve you better. In 2007 I have lots of exciting plans in store for you. Stay tuned!

Now on to the business at hand. Have you ever wished you could take your daughter from one photo, your son from another, and the baby from yet another photo...and magically combine them? I know that sometimes it just doesn't work that all your kids look great in just one photo. Someone has their eyes closed, someone stuck their tongue out...well no worries! Take individual photos with the same background and set-up (all kids sitting, standing, sitting on the couch, etc) and I can combine them into the photos you dream of! Or take several group shots. If they are the same except for facial expressions, we can usually "switch" faces! Eyes closed in one but you love the smile? Eyes open in one but no expression? I can blend the two photos for a natural result.

My photo expertise truly sets me apart. And my design skill makes it all come together. You get the best of both worlds when you order from Chouette Design! We have the skill and eye needed for successful photo transformations. And we have the design skill to create a work of art for you -- a photo announcement you can't wait to share with friends. Whether it is simple for us ---making your photo look like it was taken by a professional even if it wasn't... or something that is more of a challenge---like combining photos...we love making your photos really spectacular, and your photo announcements something people don't forget!

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