Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quadruplets birth announcement!

Has it been a month since I last wrote? Wow the month flew by. The quadruplets birth announcement is complete! And I am thrilled with the results. It is no small challenge to create something for four babies! We decided on a two-sided announcement printed on coverstock. I normally design one side, and then will include a photo and/or words on the back at no additional charge when this is requested. For the quadruplets, however, both sides were designed. If you would like the same kind of service, having a second side designed is an additional $39 fee. Okay, on to discuss the design!

Here is the first side of the announcement. I used a scan of some toile fabric and changed the color of it to match the color the family has "assigned" to each baby to keep some order. Gwendolyn is purple, Hannah green, Isabella pink and Emily yellow. My friend really likes the "shabby chic" decor, so that was my inspiration behind her design. I used the French and Edwardian fonts for an elegant, sweet look.

For the back of the announcement, we used a "pinwheel" photo I took of the girls. And I just love the large "blessed" at the bottom. These four girls truly are a blessing. Again, I used the toile in the background, but shaded it pink this time.

Lastly, I created a seal to close the envelopes. I took a photo of the babies' footprints taken at birth, digitally "cut" them out and made them "see-through", and arranged them individually next to their respective initial.

And that's it! My first quadruplet birth announcement. Hopefully not my last! And now I'm off to help with the next feeding...

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