Saturday, July 08, 2006


I had a follow-up appointment with my bone doctor yesterday. I broke and severely sprained my ankle in April, and am finally almost completely healed. At the doctor's office, waiting for him to arrive, I took my foot out of my shoe, one of those big, awkward Croc shoes, and rolled up my right pant leg. The doctor arrived, gave me a short exam (a couple of physical therapy sessions and I'll be good as new), and I was on my way. I slipped my foot into my Croc and took off.

Already being downtown, I thought I'd make a few short stops. Pick up printing, run by IKEA. Well, it seemed to me that people kept looking at my feet. I assumed they were checking out my Crocs, which have been a source of conversation wherever I go. Why? Well if you're not familiar with Crocs, they are a rubber-like shoe initially intended for boat/outdoor use because of it's non-marking, no-slip sole. And I find them adorable in their utter only-their-mom-could-love-them way. Did I mention they are incredibly comfortable? I bought a pair a month ago. Since then, I have had several Croc encounters. Waiting for an elevator: a group of women saying "Oh you have those shoes! I hear they are so comfortable but they are just so ugly!" What a way to hurt a mom's feelings. A young girl: "Oh you have those shoes! Everyone at school is wearing them!" I am nothing if not trendy. The woman shopping organic produce: "Oh don't you just love those shoes! I just bought my latest pair...". And so it goes. So naturally, when I caught people looking down towards my feet yesterday, I assumed they were admiring and/or fearing my Crocs.

But back in my office, sitting at my desk, I realized my right pant leg was ... yes, you guessed it ...still rolled up. I am nothing if not trendy.