Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Luke's photo holiday announcement

I've been thinking about the holidays already ---- I know, I know, it's hard to think of the holidays when it's 95 degrees out at 7:49 pm .... *in the shade* ....but perhaps it is a good thing to think of snow when it is so hot you don't have time to finish an ice cream cone before it is running down the side of your arm.

The 2006 holiday season is right around the corner really; summer flies by. I've been thinking about my new holiday designs. Of course I do my usual custom work for my photo holiday announcement customers, but I also offer a variety of template designs --- designs that I create, and that I can personalize with your information. And of *course* I use my photo restoration and enhancement skills to make your photo look better than you thought it could. Even professional photographers send their work to me to improve!

I pulled one of my favorite announcements of 2005 out --- that is Luke, above. Isn't he so cute? So bright-eyed. I enhanced the photo, adjusted shadowed areas, enhanced his eyes...then decided where to place him in the card. The original photographer did a great job framing him, so I hardly adjusted the original placement at all. Then, to add a bit of "winter" to match the rosy cheeks and wool cap, I added a few translucent snowflakes. Then, the simple details say the important stuff. It's not over the top, it's not frilly. It says what it needs to say, perfectly. As a good design should. That is important to me!

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