Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lochlain's photo birth announcement

It seems that others have been inspired by nature this summer as well. Birth announcement orders are coming in that include baby photos that were taken outside. In baskets, on baskets, laying on the grass, laying on a fluffy blanket, surrounded by flowers ... so cute. And here, a photo of a baby in an old, hollowed out tree. Simply divine. I fell in love with the original photo --- what gorgeous colors! -- and was so excited to work with it. Coupled with an apropos poem ...simply perfect.

In this photo, you'll see that I added the leaf (taken from another photo), "removed" the arm at the bottom of the photograph, and positioned the photo to give the best impact. Once I have the baby positioned perfectly within the frame, I work to fit the details in such a way that they add to the photograph, not detract. In design, there can be a fine line between too much and perfect. Part of it is your own aesthetic. I'm not one for overdone. Not in anything really --- I like "just enough" the best. It feels good to my eye. I want everything about your announcement to lead to a simple "wow". I want everything about your design to be simply perfect. There isn't one thing you'd add, or one thing you'd take away. Good design makes me happy!

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