Monday, June 19, 2006

Dads are forever

My dad. Jim. Jim-bo. Jim-bo-rama. He's always been a lot of fun. When I was little, he and my mom were auction-goers; and boy did my dad love to pick up STUFF. He would come home with all kinds of treasures --- things we didn't need, things we would never need, and "hey they might come in handy" things. Sometimes the buckets of treasures pleased him --- old doorknobs, tools or electric switches. But other times the treasures were magical for me.

Like the oversized toboggan. Wow --- that old wood toboggan would sit 8 kids if you packed them in tightly! We had so much fun driving to Russel's forest preserve, and sledding down the big hill. And my dad always brought the toboggan back up the hill for us. And another time he came back with heaps of sport equipment: skis, ski boots, ice skates, hockey skates. I was about 5, and would "ski" down a 5-foot "mountain" in our front yard.

Yes, my childhood was filled with times of wonder because of my dad. He was the one, who when walking through a forest, would pick up a rock and say "look at that!" And we would figure out what was down there, and why. And my dad was the one who would tell stories --- and if you were lucky enough to hear one, you know what it was like to be transported to another place through his words. My dad was energy itself - always questioning, always learning, always doing. "Did you know that glass is always moving?" No, dad, REALLY!? Tell me more! And it is the same today: "Lisa, look through the binoculars. Do you see that bird with the yellow tail? Do you know what kind of bird that is?" No dad, but I'll bet you'll tell me!

His passionnate and generous nature inspires me.

Did we have extra wood? Let's have a bonfire! Nice summer evening? Sleep in a tent! My dad taught me to recognize opportunities. And to have fun. He also made sure I learned on my own. [at 13 years old]:"Dad, could I have a phone in my room?" "Sure, Lisa, you'll just need to go up in the attic, find the right area and snake a phone line down into your room. Then you'll simply drill a hole in the wall and pull it through." Uh, ok.

It's because of my dad that I work for myself. I have been in his MBA program since the age of 7, when I would help him open mail and pack orders. I've been learning from him ever since.

Thanks dad. I'm so happy to be your daughter, and I love you.