Tuesday, May 09, 2006

making photos better

Improving photographs is a great passion of mine, and it truly sets me apart from any other announcement website on the internet.

Consider this: When you hire a professional photographer, they use special lights and equipment to get the excellent results you require when you hire a photographer. Plus they touch-up the photos you purchase. When you take your own photos, however, images can look a bit flat or dull. This is no fault of your own; we just don't carry around lighting umbrellas! And your camera certainly can't enhance a photo itself; this must be done by hand by a skilled artist. That is where I come in!

Every birth announcement, adoption announcement, and other announcement order I complete includes professional enhancement. Even on the most beautiful photo, there are things I do to take it to the next level. Maybe it's simply color-correction, and lightening under-eye shadows and removing a little blemish. But it can also be toning down red or yellow skin, making bumpy skin smooth, or adding more hair. This example shown here shows cute Nate. The original photo is adorable of course. But it can still be improved! Now you can see Nate's gorgeous blue eyes. And his skin is brighter, more luminous. And this is my passion! A frequent customer comment is "you made my baby look like an angel!". Which to me, is success. To make gorgeous babies even more gorgeous.

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