Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Several years ago I made my mom a "gratitude" journal of sorts. I remember catching an episode of the Oprah show where they talked about them --- journals thanking someone for the positive impact they made on their lives. I decided to create one for my mom (and my dad, too!). Because no matter what happens in our lives, or how far apart we are, I have received so many gifts from my mom. And I wanted her to know.

My (gorgeous if I do say so myself) mom was just 25 when I was born. My mom, dad, and brother were living in Ann Arbor Michigan at the time, while my dad was working on his Master's Degree at the University of Michigan. Money was tight, and they budgeted for every penny so they could give us what we needed to be safe and warm.

So today I thank you, mom, for loving me. For the hugs and kisses that surely number in the gazillions. Thank you for showing me that tomatoes come from the earth, and don't grow in cans. Thank you for working so hard for us. Thank you for teaching me how to take care of a house. For the secret to the World's Best Spaghetti Sauce. For sewing, canning, knitting, dinner you were such the domestic goddess! I definitely learned from the best (and it's no reflection of you if my vacuum has become a living room sculpture). Thank you for your laughter. Your "getting" my jokes. For your bravery in proudly displaying the vase of silver plastic flowers I proudly presented to you as a Mother's Day gift way back when. Thank you for allowing me to try everything in the world: gymnastics, track, tennis, ballet, piano, clarinet, art lessons, skiing, horseback riding... this freedom to explore taught me how big life can be.

I love what you have added to my life, and the knowledge and skills you have passed on. I am a better person for it. And the most important things are those intangibles. Like empathy, sweetness, and how to be a friend. Thank you, mom, for your immeasurable gifts. I love you.