Saturday, April 01, 2006

Adoption Announcement

Today I'll share an adoption announcement design with you.

This was done for a wonderful family in Texas. They adopted this gorgeous little boy from Guatemala City, Guatemala. The mother took a photo of a Guatemalan blanket they brought back with them. I came up with a way to incorporate the blanket into the adoption design.

First, I corrected the perspective on the blanket so the corners were square. Then, on the front of the card, I used the blanket, in black and white, for the background. And in the main photo, I corrected the color, made the image black and white, and blurred the background. Then I took the details the family wanted included in their announcement, and made them work with the photograph. On the inside of the card, I cropped another photo that I first enhanced. I added the strips of blanket on the top and bottom, and added the requested wording. For the back of the card, (not shown here) we put three additional photos, plus more of the blanket. The finished result was stunning. My hope in sharing this design is to encourage future customers to also think of ways to personalize their designs even more.

Adoption Announcement for Lucas: